We live on the slopes of a great mountain.  The elemental rhythms of nature are clear as we watch the clouds move in from the ocean.  It is the forests that draw the clouds inland, bringing moisture to our lands.  The invoking rains feeds the trees, delivering fresh water to our aquifers.  

We acknowledge this cycle and honor it with the name of our company.  Our efforts are quite small in comparison to the great universe but we are sincere in the maintenance of this rhythm.  This is to insure the provisions for the generations that follow us.   

The Celebration of Craft

Within each stitch, several generations continue to ply their craft.   

We are at the front of the line of our ancestors.  Each generation representing the previous.  We carry their DNA within our veins, doing as our parents had, just as their fathers had.  Subliminally the integrity transcends time and generation.

Legacy had been established in the cutting of art, printing of cloth, stitching of each seam several generations ago.  Delivering the same intent and integrity to our craft maintains the passion and extents the heritage of our forefathers.

Today we seek the individuals in the outskirts of Yokohama to print the cloth meter by meter, slowly and carefully.  The fabric is our canvas, imbued with the story and the prophecy of each hand cut art.  The simple leaf honors the gods of the forest with each imprint; its repetition is a call out of acknowledgement.

Similarly, we seek the seamstress of Daikayama that is conscious of ancestral perfection.  Deftly, offering the highest and best artistry, each article becomes a gift representing the previous generation.   

Our responsibility is great to our ancestors.  We celebrate it through our craft.